SpectrumNetwork Blockchain

Leveraging on blockchain technology to decentralize geospatial data management.

A decentralized GIS Blockchain system

SpectrumNetwork is a GIS based hybrid blockchain system leveraging on Blockchain technology to decentralize geospatial data visualization. SpectrumNetwork designed SPEC utility tokens consisting of spatial signatures and a proof-of-location algorithm, to bridge a recurring gap between geospatial data management, distribution and cost reduction. In casual contexts, geo-refrenced vector quantities of the earth are now more to say, a cryptographic token.

Hybrid Spatial interpolation

We developed a customised HSI protocol that enables the abstract generation of an augmented model representation of vector quantities on the earth.

Fostering Partnerships

Constantly making new partnerships with developers and relevant GIS corporations to bloom SpectrumNetwork (SPEC) token's utility and incentivize fast global adoption.

Exchange Listing

Made suitable selections of high volume crypto exchanges for trading SPEC tokens to retain and further incentivize monetary value.

Smart Contract Deployment

Deployed a remote Smart contract using web3.0 protocol. Our Smart contract is interactive, making it possible to access it and query with authorized spatial web3 dApps.

Geospatial Software Integrations

Developing executable software extensions/integrations for enterprise geomatic software. For the first rollouts, SpectrumNetwork is focusing on more conventional geo-softwares. (ArcGIS, GRASS, ENVI, IDRISI, QGIS)

Escrow Wallet Development

Already developing SPEC Escrow Wallet API based on REST principles with resource oriented URLs and HTTPs/HTTPS response codes. Wallet to be made available for SPEC holders to securely store their tokens and interact with our range of remote smart contracts.

Blockchain In Geospatial Application

Data is the single biggest requirement for the development and application of a GIS with all conventional methods. SpectrumNetwork was not founded to create the next billion dollar geodata pool, but to change the way people produce, use and access spatial data for public good. Our driving passion is to solve world-wide problems associated with integrity driven geospatial data and its distribution. In our model, there lies a ton of information within a single token, hence a resultant reduction in human errors while been able to securely share data with multiple parties at a scale. SpectrumNetwork utilizes a hybrid system to determine the accurate location and position of geospatial data in real time. Our API interface will serve as an explorer for geospatial assets on the blockchain, availing the ability to query geo-information. In other words, our platform can serve as a decentralized front end interface for accessing and interacting with georeferenced data. SPEC token's use cases are relevant in geospatial mapping, land management/registry, location analytics, and in decentralized/distributed spatial database applications. SpectrumNetwork’s hybrid blockchain approach broadens its use cases in Geospatial mapping, land management/registry, location analytics, and decentralized/distributed spatial database application; at a far lesser price.

We at SpectrumNetwork Blockchain are...

  • Building a unique platform for geospatial data integration into blockchain.

  • Solving problems associated with geo-data validity & integrity.

  • Designing a consesus driven map with verifiable data through a smart contract.

  • Reading/Writing geospatial data on our specialized hybrid system.

Vast field of SPEC token utility

  • Geospatial data visualization.
  • Partnerships in building up network density for token utility.
  • Geo-Data security guaranteed through SPEC token.
  • Geo-Location analytics at scale.
  • Shared assets via SpectrumNetwork's hybrid system, using open source web3 functions.
  • Geodata analysis and processing utilizing SPEC tokens as point data.
  • Decentralizing the centralized registry of real estate and property, eliminating all middle entities.
  • Utilizing SPEC tokens as demographic assets.
  • Simplifying Property/Land ownership. This is owing to the geodesic cell gridding algorithm encoded in SPEC tokens, uniquely differentiating spectral cells of the earth’s surface, and being able to register land ownership on a blockchain. Consequently, owning SPEC tokens, corresponds to owning a valuable code portion of the earth.


The Team

Robert Mills

Co-founder & CEO.

Andrew Collin

Technical CTO.

Mary Mills

Legal Advisor

Luca Fong Chan

Blockchain Expert

Martha Simmons

Cyber Security Advisor

Peter Haddrill

Geo-Design Expert

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