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Leveraging Blockchain technology, to decentralize geospatial data visualization, via a hybrid system which harnesses the interoperability of geospatial technology and blockchain to tokenize the earth.

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About Spectrum Network Solution

SpectrumNetwork is a GIS based hybrid blockchain system designed in line with the ERC20 protocol, to harness dApp functionalities. SpectrumNetwork designed SPEC utility tokens consisting of spatial signatures and a proof-of-location algorithm, to bridge a recurring gap between geospatial data management, distribution and cost reduction. In casual contexts, geo-refrenced vector quantities of the earth are now more to say, a cryptographic token.

Hybrid Ecosystem

Hybrid Spatial interpolation

Status: Deployed


Smart Contract Deployment on the Ethereum main-net

Status: Deployed


Escrow Wallet Development

Status: Development


API development for a geo-visualization dApp

Status: Development


Fostering Partnerships

Status: Implementing


Geospatial Software Integrations

Status: Development


Exchange Listing

Status: Listed



Blockchain In Geospatial Application

Blockchain In Geospatial Application

Data is the single biggest requirement for the development and application of a GIS with all conventional methods. SpectrumNetwork was not founded to create the next billion dollar geodata pool, but to change the way people produce, use and access spatial data for public good. Our driving passion is to solve world-wide problems associated with integrity driven geospatial data and its distribution. In our model, there lies a ton of information within a single token, hence a resultant reduction in human errors while been able to securely share data with multiple parties at a scale. SpectrumNetwork utilizes a hybrid system to determine the accurate location and position of geospatial data in real time. Our API interface will serve as an explorer for geospatial assets on the blockchain, availing the ability to query geo-information. In other words, our platform can serve as a decentralized front end interface for accessing and interacting with georeferenced data. SpectrumNetwork’s hybrid blockchain approach broadens its use cases in geospatial mapping, land management/registry, location analytics, and in decentralized/distributed spatial database applications.

  • Building a unique platform for geospatial data integration into blockchain.

  • Solving problems associated with geo-data validity & integrity.

  • Design a consesus driven map with verifiable data through a smart contract.

  • Read/Write geospatial data on the hybrid system.

Vast field of SPEC token utility

  • Geospatial data visualization.
  • Partnerships in building up network density for token utility.
  • Data security could be guaranteed through SPEC token.
  • Geo-Location analytics at scale.
  • Shared assets via SpectrumNetwork's hybrid system, using open source web3 functions.
  • Geodata analysis and processing utilizing SPEC tokens as point data.
  • Decentralizing the centralized registry of real estate and property, eliminating all middle entities.
  • Utilizing SPEC tokens as demographic assets.
  • Simplifying Property/Land ownership. This is owing to the geodesic cell gridding algorithm encoded in SPEC tokens, uniquely differentiating spectral cells of the earth’s surface, and being able to register land ownership on a blockchain. Consequently, owning SPEC tokens, corresponds to owning a valuable code portion of the earth.



Q1 March 2018

Brand conceptualization and data collation by founders

Q2 May 2018

Project evaluation and market analysis by the R&D team

Q2 june 2018

Airdrop and Bounty Campaign

Q2 july 2018

Website deployment

Q2 july 2018

Token pre-sale

Q2 August 2018

Escrow Wallet devt

Q2 August 2018

API development for geo-visualization dApp

Q3 September 2018

Product Debugging

Q3 September 2018

Hybrid module beta test

Q3 October 2018

Expand team- Recruitment for PURESCRIPT devs

Q3 November 2018

Leverage on paterniships to build up network density

Q1 February 2019

Deploy API extensions for enterprise geospatial softwares(ESRI/Others)



We’d like to thank everyone for the unwavering support. SpectrumNetwork's vision is community driven. We aim to transform the Geospatial Industry to a global scale. To further our efforts at enhancing our global impact and in expression of our appreciation for your Support, our team has decided to initiate SPEC-Bounty Program in phases. Phase I (CLOSED): First bounty giveaway has closed. We are very delighted to reward our loyal supporters, who promote and publicize SpectrumNetwork. All qualified participants who completed the form tasks will receive 5000SPEC ($249) in return for their efforts. This distribution is intended to reward 3,000 most eligible community members, after the token pre-sale.

Phase II (To be announced): Before you participate in the SPEC Bounty program Phase II, please carefully read and understand the following rules. If you have any questions or suggestions about the program, please contact our official admins in the Telegram group. Note: Phase II Bounty program is exclusive to ONLY whitelisted community members and investors, who participated in SPEC token pre-sale or public sale. Amount of bounty is to be announced. These will be in 4 categories; a. SPEC telegram STAR bounty b. SPEC Retweet Bounty c. Exchange Listing Bounty d. Referral Bounty Participants must follow and promote SpectrumNetwork on all social media Channels.


Robert Mills

Co-founder and CEO.

Andrew Collin

Co-Founder and Technical CTO.

Mary Mills

Legal Advisor

Luca Fong Chan

Blockchain Expert

Martha Simmons

Cyber Security Advisor

Peter Haddrill

Geo-Design Expert

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